CCS Toppers
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Age Eligibility

 Class Age
 Play Group  2 years & 6 months +
 LKG  3 years & 6 months +
 UKG  4 years & 6 months +
 Class I  5 years & 6 months +
 Class II  6 years & 6 months +
 Class III  7 years & 6 months +
 Class IV  8 years & 6 months +
 Class V  9 years & 6 months +
 Class VI  10 years & 6 months +
 Class VII  11 years & 6 months +
 Class VIII  12 years & 6 months +
 Class IX  13 years & 6 months +

Eligibility criteria for admission
Student awaiting their result can apply.
Student should appear in a written exam followed by personal interview. He/she should be accompanied by parent/guardian during personal interview. Selected candidate will only be admitted on remittance of fees

Documents required
A student must produce an evidence of the date of birth (a birth certificate for the PG and KG section and a T.C. of the previous school from class I upwards).
The original and photocopy of the previous school's mark sheet, if attended.
The school leaving certificate of a student joining school from class VII upwards must be countersigned by the educational authorities of the district in which the previous school is situated.
Please note that a student will be admitted only to the class mentioned on the transfer certificate and to no higher class nor will a student be promoted before the end of a school calendar year.
The TC and mark sheet have to be of the same school.

Fee Rules
School fees should be paid before the due date mentioned on the fee card. Fee once paid will neither be refunded nor adjusted in any circumstances.